Disconnected (2009)

You can stop talking
‘Cause you’re already
The voice inside my head

You can stop writing
‘Cause you’re already
The words in my vocabulary

You can stop walking
‘Cause you’re already
The one I’ll follow

Don’t get me wrong
But I don’t think I deserve
All of you to me

I want you, it’s true
But sometimes I get
A feeling
A kind of fault inside my heart

Something says to me
“There’s your hand in this
You’re the guilty one”

But the same voice
Doesn’t disturb me
When I remember our moments together

It’s true. I’m just trying
And trying to adapt myself
To this kind of life

After one year messing around
In all the meanings
That this expression may have
I must take care
Not to confund
Because in the last year…

But now, everything has changed
The heart beats faster every moment
I see you

The will to kiss you
I need to control through
What seem to be eternal,
since they flow so slow,

But this will end as fast as you wink
But one more doubt is in my mind
Would you want a serious relationship with me?


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